All cinema action films will soon be available here with trailers and as full downloads/streaming, either for free (for smaller films) or for a nominal fee.

miners 74-84

59 minutes – 16mm/DVD – 1984

miners 74-84 is a film shown on Channel Four’s ‘Eleventh Hour’, six months into the 84/85 miners’ strike against pit closures.

rocking the boat

63 minutes – 16mm/DVD – 1983

rocking the boat covers 12 years of struggle by the men and women of the upper reaches of the Clyde.

so that you can live

83 minutes – 16mm – 1981

so that you can live is a documentary filmed over five years showing the impact on one family in a South Wales valley community.

class struggle: film from the clyde

74 minutes  – 16mm film – 1977

A documentary made with shipyard workers during the occupation and work-in at the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders from July 1971 to October 1972.

Viva Portugal

115 minutes – 16mm – 1975

viva portugal was made by a group of French and West German journalists (the English version was assembled by cinema action), and traces the first year of the Portuguese revolution.

the miners’ film

49 mins – 16mm film – 1974/5

the miners’ film documents the industrial action by miners in the winter of 1973-4 which helped to bring down Edward Heath’s Tory government.

arise ye workers – the dockers’ fight

24 minutes – 16mm film – 1974/5

A campaign film supporting the dockers’ fight against redundancy, lay-offs and wage cuts caused by containerisation.

people of Ireland

105 minutes – 16mm b/w – 1973

people of ireland documents the self-declared autonomous nationalist area of Free Derry in 1969.

hands off student unions

33 minutes – 16mm b/w opt – 1972

hands off student unions supports the students’ struggle to preserve the autonomy of their union from the conditions of state control embodied in Thatcher’s education proposals.

upper clyde shipbuilders

21 mins – 16mm film  – 1971

A campaign film supporting the fight to retain their jobs by the workers at Upper Clyde Shipyards who developed a new weapon for waging this fight – the occupation and the work-in.


6 minutes 13 seconds – 16mm/DVD – 1970

GEC1 is a film in support of the call by GEC Merseyside stewards for factory occupations by GEC workers

fighting the bill

36 mins – 16mm B/W – 1970

fighting the bill documents the massive trade union and labour movement campaign against the Conservative government’s Industrial Relations Bill.


8 minutes 38 seconds – 16mm/DVD – 1970

vauxhall is a half silent partly animated campaign film against the introduction of Measured Day Work at the company.


17 minutes – 16mm b/w – 1969/70

Campaign film supporting squatters in various London boroughs resisting eviction by private landlords and the GLC.

not a penny on the rents

22 minutes – b/w – 1969

A campaign film against GLC attempts to raise council rents.