what is to be done?

The next step will be to make all the films available for download, to digitise and add more archive material (images, posters, leaflets, etc),  to edit interviews and to produce a book and a documentary film about cinema action.  Of course, to do all this we will need to raise more funding so we have set up a funding campaign – you can donate via the Paypal button below.

If you have any ideas on how we could raise more funds please do get in touch.

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Chris Reeves, of Platform Films – initiated this project , digitised all the original film footage and filmed numerous interviews with former members of cinema action.

Margaret Dickenson – has provided text material for the site (much of it taken from her book Rogue Reels) and edited the trailer film.

Alex Sainsbury – provided funding for the digitisation of the films and the site construction.

Roger Sutton – helped with the preservation of much original cinema action footage via the General Federation of Trade Unions.

Peter Keighron – designed  and constructed the site.